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It’s an exciting day when we break ground on your backyard swimming pool! You’ve gone through all the options with our designers, picked your pool’s size, shape, depth and other features, and now you’re ready to watch them take shape. 

Even before our swimming pool builders arrive at your home with the heavy equipment we need to dig the hole for your pool, we’re already working on your construction. We’re pulling the necessary permits, ordering the materials and setting the pool construction and installation schedule. We may also have to go through approvals with your homeowners association, if you have one.

Next, we come out to your house to mark off the area ahead of time and clear the site of grass, stones and other debris and prep it for construction.


When our shovels break ground in your back yard, you know you’re on your way to becoming the proud owner of a swimming pool. If everything goes smoothly and your inground pool design is straightforward, it may be possible for us to finish this step in one day.

Plumbing and Electricity

Once the hole for the pool is dug, we install structural steel inside to reinforce it. At this time, the plumbers and electricians have to do their parts, laying pipes and wiring for the pool’s filtration system as well as lighting, fountains and other features if you opt to get any. At this time, gas piping may also be installed if your pool will be heated with natural gas.

Concrete & Tile

After we install the concrete that is your pool’s shell, we need to give it a few days to cure before we add the tile at the water line, as well as any decorative water features you have planned, such as a rainfall, sheer descent, deck jet, etc. This is the point at which you’ll really be able to envision your finished pool!

Pool Deck

The amount of time it takes to install your pool deck is somewhat dependent on the material you have chosen. Pouring concrete is quick and easy. Laying and fitting together natural stones of different shapes will take longer.

Finish & Fill

These are the last steps in your inground swimming pool installation process. Once we install the finish and allow it to dry, it’s time to fill your inground swimming pool and start enjoying it!

JAL Pool Construction & Installation

Many times, new pool owners have questions about how to take care of their pool and we want all our customers to know that we are here with answers for them. Our job isn’t done when we turn off the hose and drive away. We’re here to support you. It’s just part of our commitment to providing the best customer service in northern Utah.
To find out more about getting your own backyard pool in Salt Lake City or Park City, Utah, call or email our pool company today. We make summers fun!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Swimming pool construction in Salt Lake City is somewhat dependent upon your pool design, but the average is about six to 12 weeks. In Salt Lake City, we don’t have to worry too much about weather impacting your pool construction, so our pool builders should be able to work on your pool installation each weekday. 

If you choose a custom or luxury pool design, however, construction will take longer because your swimming pool will be more complex, rather than a simple rectangle. 

A custom pool is a pool that is designed especially for you, according to your wants and needs, rather than a traditional design that is available to everyone. Your custom pool may be small or large, deep or shallow, round or oblong, or one of many other choices. You may want a shallow pool with a slide for your small children, a plunge pool for solo, post-work relaxation or a pool with water features such as fountains or waterfalls. 

A luxury pool may also encompass some of these features, but luxury pools are generally larger, higher-budget and incorporate many lavish elements, such as a vanishing edge, hot tub, varying levels, a fire pit and more. 

According to HGTV, backyard pools increase home values between 5% and 8%. Although Utah is a four-season climate, the summers are punishingly hot, so pools are especially valued here. Add to that our vanishing lakes and other recreational swimming sources, and a backyard swimming pool becomes even more of a treasure. 

But when you calculate the value of your backyard swimming pool, remember to include the pleasure that you, your family and friends will get from using it. That is invaluable. 

Our swimming pool designers are happy to share swimming pool design ideas with you. We consider our amazing swimming pool designs to be the prime motivator that gets our customers excited about getting their own backyard swimming pool. 

What is different about JAL Pools is that we specialize in custom and luxury pools, so our customers tend to be Salt Lake City residents who want a swimming pool design that is special and unique. You may have something in mind, but the odds are that we can come up with a pool design that makes your idea even more fabulous. 

When you are looking for a pool builder in Salt Lake City, one of the most important criteria to use is experience level. Especially when you are interested in a luxury or custom pool builder, you want someone who has been in the industry for years and proven themselves. 

Have a question?

Our team is here to answer all your questions about swimming pool designing and building. Call or email us today to learn how we can build you the swimming pool of your dreams.

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