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When homeowners think of pool design, they generally think of pool shape first. This makes sense, because the shape of an inground swimming pool is the first thing you notice about it. But in reality, the shape of your swimming pool is only a tiny part of the design.

When our designers meet with customers for the first time, it’s their goal to understand how the homeowner envisions their backyard pool. Do they see it as their little tropical oasis in the middle of Utah’s desert climate? Are they imagining a fun play place for their kids, complete with a slide, diving board and spray fountain? Or will is be a spartan, regulation-size pool for swimming laps? We work hard to thoroughly understand your vision.

And once we do, we then use our expertise to ask you questions and make suggestions about the design of your pool.

First, we must consider how much space you have to install a pool. Some of this will depend on local zoning rules. Once we determine size — and shape — we can move on to other important aspects of a backyard pool.


One is depth. For swimming, a depth of 3.5 feet is generally required. If you want to be able to jump into your pool, 4 feet is better. And for diving, you need a well of at least 8 feet. We can tell you what the regulations are in your area.


While many homeowners still opt for the traditional aqua pool finish, other hues are becoming more popular, such as gray, blue, black, white, and tan. If you want to be different but not that different, consider a less-common shade of blue.

Filtration System

We install a few different kinds of filtration systems that each come with their own benefits. Aspects to consider are energy efficiency, noise and ease of use. Your chosen filtration system can be combined with automated cleaners that can be programmed to clean your pool at night, while you sleep.

Pool Deck

Options for your pool deck are practically limitless. The standard finish is concrete, but many Utah homeowners opt for concrete pavers, porcelain pavers or stone. When choosing a pool deck material, you’ll want to consider durability, aesthetics and cost.


Summers in Utah are hot, but what if you want to extend the season for your pool? After all, inground swimming pools are a sizable investment, so why not spend a few extra dollars to be able to use it more often? We can go over with you the different types of heaters available for pools and what you can expect from each.


Light is another feature that allows you to use your inground pool more. Swimming at night is fun and relaxing, but it’s hard to do if your pool isn’t lit. You can choose from many types of pool lighting, including lights that change color!

Optional Design Features

Many homeowners want to make their pools unique with special features, such as fountains and waterfalls. Your inground pool design can incorporate trees or other plants, boulders, statues, slides, automation, sound systems, sun shelves or even a cabana. The options are endless.

JAL Pool Design

Do you have some ideas for your backyard swimming pool? Call our pool company today and make an appointment to meet with our designers.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

The time it takes for us to complete your pool design in Salt Lake City depends on the complexity of the design and the season in which we are working. 

What’s exciting about swimming pool design is that you get to choose whatever you like — as long as it is feasible from an engineering standpoint and not against building code in your location. So if you want a swimming pool design with several tiers, rock formations, fountains, a infinity edge — all is possible. 

Creating a complex pool design like this usually takes several weeks. However, as you can imagine, spring is our busy season because that is when everyone in Salt Lake City starts thinking about pool construction, so you may have to wait longer for your pool design. 

Pool design is much less expensive than actual pool construction. And while luxury and custom pools do come at a premium, the added cost is not that much more. So as long as you are spending the money for swimming pool installation, you might as well get exactly what you want from your pool design. 

Factors that can affect the cost of swimming pool construction include the size of the pool, any issues with the soil that needs to be excavated for pool construction, and possible access issues that would make it difficult for us to get backhoes and bulldozers into your back yard. 

We welcome your input into your pool’s design, but as the experts in swimming pool design and construction, we are more than happy to show you a variety of pool design ideas. When we first meet with you, we will ask you questions about what you have in mind for your pool design, such as shape, depth, pool surround and special features. We may make some suggestions or run some pool design ideas by you at this time. 

Once we have a clear picture of what you would like, we create your pool design. After seeing the swimming pool design for the first time, most customers are excited and may want to make changes or additions to their pool design to make it better fit their vision of an ideal pool. 

Yes, these two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Ways to save money on a custom pool include opting for a traditional oblong-shaped pool, choosing a smaller pool and building your pool in stages, i.e., adding the custom surround next year. 

There are multiple reasons to want a custom pool that is not necessarily a luxury pool, and one of them is size. Some Salt Lake City residents simply want a small plunge pool they can use to cool off in after work and on weekends. The money they save on a small pool can be used to customize their pool design, possibly by adding features such as a heater so you can use your pool for longer.  

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